Native of Vancouver, Canada, Dominique is a Freelance Graphic Designer, Digital Collage Artist, and Art Director based in Prague and Istanbul. 

Dominique has a deep fondness for colour and creating disruptive design systems. Her unconventional approach to design and understanding of the importance of visual communication’s role in branding and marketing are incorporated in her design works.

She works primarily with New York creative agencies such as twelveNYC and Social Club Studio.

Working Within:

︎︎︎ Digital Campaigns
︎︎︎ Print Collateral
︎︎︎ Digital Design
︎︎︎ Poster Design
︎︎︎ Brand Identity Systems
︎︎︎ Art Direction
︎︎︎ Motion


plants, my moka pot, mid-century modern furniture, the sea,
fruit trees, dawn, the smell of old books, travelling, ancient ruins...the list goes on!